Wednesday, 4 November 2009


You couldn't go two minutes without hearing Jay-Z blasted out of cars and houses. The New York anthem. Funny then that I spent my last day in NYC with Dame Dash at his new offices and gallery - DD172 - in Tribeca...

First up was a trip to The KDU studios in Brooklyn to catch up with my man Dave Gensler. Inspiring chats, as always.

Then it was a car service over to Tribeca to talk to Dame about the new chapter of Damon Dash. After a massive public beatdown, he's looking forward and the mogul who co-built the biggest urban empire in the world was a great host showing me around and meeting his team. Affable, funny, inspiring, open to talk about his business, referencing the past but pushing forward with hip hop and music in general, fashion, publishing, TV and film, fashion, art... Taking notes. Three hours well spent.

Dame photoshoot on the terrace.

Designer Chris Bevans from Rocawear / Nike / KDU / C Bevans.

The DD172 gallery on the ground floor.

After pounds and some hugs, on last hole-in-the-wall stop in Chinatown...

The Shanghai Soup Dumplings were suitably excellent. New York - And I'm out.

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