Monday, 2 November 2009


The Greyhound bus from NYC to Montreal is an experience. Driving through some strange unpronounceable small towns up through the NY State and 8 hours later, French Canada. Met the young bloods Phil AD and Seb Diamond aka Mofomatronix, part of the Turbo Crunk crew aka Montreal's club and afterhours ambassadors. The Canada family. They started throwing parties before they were even allowed into the clubs and now, at the ripe old age of 20-years-old, they run the city. The first Montreal meal was at a beautiful brasserie called Le Buvette in Mile End, the artist district of the city. We laid down $20 each and for that - a platter of oysters, horse meat tartar with a celeriac and pomegranate slaw, salt cod fitters, cold cuts, cheese, pan fried cod with citrus pickled fennel and mango, frites, salad and beer... bliss.

Party down. Halloween in Montreal...

3.30pm brunch at the Dusty's diner. And it was here that I discovered Quebec style home made baked beans. A revelation... a dark, sweet (probably some maple syrup in there), smokey, dense pot of beans.

The lost weekend in Montreal. Big thanks to the young dudes for everything! Before jumping the overnight bus back to NYC we did it. The Cobra supper. The legend that is the Montreal dinner of poutine (smothered chips with cheese curd and gravy) and a hefty smoked meat sandwich.

Yes. Merci.

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