Sunday, 1 November 2009


Today was a good day...
1. It stopped raining.
2. Enter the cult of the Momofuku restaurant empire, founded by one of NYC's bad boy chefs David Chang. Asian Sensations. There's a lot of debate about this guy being over-rated but I'm a fan. We hit the Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village and it was great. His melting, braised belly pork rolls cut with sleek pickled cucumber to start.

3. House specialty of the Momofuku Ramen with shredded pork and more sublime, butter like belly pork, Japanese fishcakes, nori, spring onions and a perfect poached egg bobbing in the ramen.

4. Momofuku homie Dave Hall, LDN - NYC transplant!

5. Deitch Projects in Soho. Checked the Tauba Auerbach, HERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE show and her epic crumpled pictures.

6. Asia Dog! Tuesday night pop up grill at Brooklyn's Trophy Bar with the crew in tow. Met the Asia Dog founders Mel and Steve and grabbed a Kimchee Hot Dog and the Mel & Steve Special with Asian Sesame Coleslaw...

7. Dam Funk at the Fader party at Brooklyn Bowl. My NYC crew were out in force... Dante and DJ Jaclyn included. Amazing night. To the good peoples!

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