Monday, 2 November 2009


I took the Staten Island Ferry straight to the Shaolin Slums to find RZA and Meth. All I found was a pretty wrong hot dog from "Gourmet Dogs", The Reuben which was covered in pastrami and mustard and cheese, then grilled.

Manhattan from the banks of Staten Isle.

Next stop Coney Island. The train pulled in at dusk, which was perfect for the desolate, eerie, ghost town vibes of Coney Island beach front. It's an amazing place and sedate and strangely inspiring. The hand painted signage is amazing - ESPO is all over the place and the 1920's Cyclone wooden roller coaster is a touch. Shoot The Freaks is jokes and of course the hot dog of hot dogs, Nathan's Famous... 90-year-old Polish Americana.

A Nathan's Chili Dog with sauerkraut. Mo' Dogs, Mo' Problems.

Next stop back to Soho where Kat and I gatecrashed an agency Halloween party where there was a chocolate fountain and Samantha Ronson was DJing. Amazing. I heard Samantha Ronson got $20,000 for her set.

Home to Harlem.

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